Sanctuaire-- noun (french) :: a place of refuge and protection; a sacred and holy place. 


I was born and raised in Southern Louisiana, where the richness of Cajun culture is infused with a deep sense of celebration of life.  My southern roots continue to influence my life and work through a soulful honoring of tradition, ritual and creative adornment.  

I traveled for most of my 20's and felt an instant remembrance when coming into rolling hills and clear rivers, like my soul had found its other home, one that would nourish deeper levels of my own expression.  With a deep passion to help bridge the dwindling population of wild tigers, and other endangered species, with those held in captivity for spectators, I found myself  in the Ozark Mountains of Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  I worked with over 100 big cats on a refuge that rescued these precious animals from people who think its a great idea to "own" such creatures.  I then made my way back to Louisiana to finish college and graduated in resource biology and biodiversity.

I became pregnant with my first son soon after finishing school and motherhood took precedent.  We moved to the beautiful Sierra Foothills in Nevada City, California and stepped foot on the gorgeous 50 acres that we own and steward.  It is here that I fell in love with, and came into deep connection with the honeybee.  I recognized the greater connection of all my dreams and visions of creating a sanctuary on land.  When I think of "sanctuary", I envision a place where life is honored and protected, where there is sacred intentionality in the creation of each aspect. It is a place where the co-creation with nature accentuates the beauty that is already there, creates a sense of reverence and honor, and reflects the Divine within the beholder. 

I started making jewelry in my early 20's and eventually honed my skills through a traditional apprenticeship. It has become a beautiful medium for me to use in my love for co creating with nature. 

My style of design is simple and elegant.  I want the natural beauty of each gemstone to shine through, and I use high quality materials in my line.  As a dedicated steward to this Earth, I use recycled metals and ethically sourced gemstones as much as possible, and I'm committed to being a sustainable, environmentally friendly business.  Each piece is infused with love and with a deep honoring of the Divine in all things.  Everything is handmade and created in my home studio. 

I give 2% of my profits towards projects that support endangered species and hope for continued growth as my business grows. In love and deep gratitude, I offer you Sanctuaire Designs. 

Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you.
— Rumi